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We have extensive experience providing IT solutions, website design, mobile apps, digital marketing, 2D/3D animations and AR apps to clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, organizations and local.

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Mobile Apps


Harness The Power Of The Web With Our Mobile Apps

We create dynamic and intuitive apps that provide fantastic user experience built for scale. From digital platforms sharing informational experiences to product and ordering apps that provide guided shopping experiences with customer feedback, our apps give businesses the edge in mobile marketing.

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We build dynamic and intuitive apps that provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience that is scalable.

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Creating loyalty for your new and existing customers with our membership systems, email subscriber form and email marketing capability to get more conversions today!

Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Sometimes, it might take a while for your prospects to buy from you and at Digitalfren, we help you prepare for that. With a membership system, email subscriber collection form and email marketing capability, you gain the ability to collect leads to nurture them into paying customers and get your loyal customers to buy more frequently!

We Focus On Your Brand

An app is a living extension of your brand, our apps will directly reflect the values, promises and further enhance the existing brand equity your business has carefully built.