Fast App

Start Your Business With Fast App Development

  • With Fast App, we are able to create a Mobile App for startup’s, SME’s, innovators or organisations with 50% reduction in budget and 86% reduction in the development time. With Fast App’s we are able to create mobile apps within 2 weeks.

  • Fast App Key Highlights:
      ● Just pick from a selected list of mobile app type that fits your business.
      ● Provide us your logo and brand colors and we will help you design the selected app to fit your brand.
      ● For eCommerce mobile app, just provide us your Stripe details and we will set it up.
      ● One time solution ONLY and no source code provided.
      ● Recommended for MVP ONLY.


Ready Mobile App Development Solutions

  • Our ready made Mobile App solutions are designed to be Market-Ready and developed to push your business to be online in the fastest time and is budget friendly.
      ● Engaging UI/UX designs to choose from.
      ● Catered for eCommerce and Service Booking Mobile Apps.
      ● Customisable layouts to fit your brand.
      ● For Android ONLY.
      ● Able to upload to Playstore.

  • Our team of developers has created Fast App to be user-friendly mobile applications to meet your users’ expectations.

  • Fast App is a ready made mobile application for Android ONLY.

  • We take pride in developing engaging and creative applications by taking the time to understand your business and goals.