Virtual Reality (VR)

Developing a new world

Digitalfren provides high-quality, affordable and fast virtual reality development services for clients across the world.

Vr Solutions For Business Service

Innovative solutions for business

  • We're here to help you to find the best solutions for your business, whether that's custom VR/AR content or developing a VR/AR app.

Education Reimagined

  • Digitalfren helps transform education by making it more engaging and immersive. We provide access to 3D models, multimedia resources, and immersive 360 videos that can be incorporated into existing mobile learning applications.

Vr Education Reimagined Service
Vr Grou Of Extremely Talented Developers Service

Only the best team of developers

  • Your project is in good hands with our skilled and experienced virtual reality developers who can help you with any VR/AR development needs.

The Digitalfren difference: Fast, affordable and quality service

  • We have a proven track record of delivering fast turnaround time without compromising on quality. It's no wonder why we are one of the most reliable providers in the industry today!

Vr Fast Affordable And Quality Service
Vr Hands On Support From Start To Finish

Hands on support from the start to finish

  • We offer our customers with personalised technical support from day one of their project until it is live in their desired marketplace. And this is only just a small part of the services we offer.


  • How to use virtual reality in your business?

    • - Utilize it to test new products and perform simulations.
    • - Save precious time and money on product design.
    • - Explore the risk-free possibilities before investing.
    • - Use it to showcase products all over the world.
    • - Drive your sales with true-to-life visualization.
    • - Let customers choose from alternatives.

  • What is the future of virtual devlopment?

    • - AR and VR will be at the center of digital transformation and the spending of different companies and consumers will increase by an additional 80%, according to this report. Virtual and augmented reality hardware will comprise more than half of the projected spending.

  • What is VR development?

    • - Virtual reality development, which requires a particular skill set and lots of patience, is the field of creating virtual environments.

  • How can small businesses use virtual reality?

    • - In manufacturing and production-driven businesses, VR allows every characteristic of a part, process or mechanism to be simulated and tested. Performance or reliability can be tested and examined under any condition, far more cost-effectively, quickly and safely.

  • How do I build a virtual reality platform?

    • - Platforms and SDKs.
    • - Game engines.
    • - WebVR and WebGL frameworks & libraries.
    • - Design and prototype tools.
    • - Hardware.

  • How does VR development work?

    • - A VR developer creates whole new digital settings that users can see through a device like the Oculus headset, but an AR developer uses mobile apps to create a layer of digital experience in our reality, such as Pokemon Go, a game that uses this technology.

  • What do you need for VR development?

    • - A VR developer will likely need to work with a 3D system like 3DS Max and a 3D software development system like a game engine. Video game development. While this isn't strictly required for virtual reality development, most VR platforms are gamified.

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