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Importance of UI and UX Design for Websites

Importance of UI and UX Design for Websites

UI and UX design are important as it may affect the first impression for your website users. UI and UX are the crucial elements and theys are tightly integrated to create high-quality website designs. A high quality website can help in promoting user interaction, increasing customer satisfaction and attracting attention to your brand.

Let’s start with the basic definitions and meaning to reduce your confusion on what is UI and UX.


User Experience (UX) is the process that design teams use to create products that provide users with meaningful and relevant experience. It can be said that UX design focuses on the user’s overall experience while they navigate on your website. Good UX will make the feature on the website functional and have the clear instructions that male the apps or webs become user-friendly.

User Interface (UI) is the key point of human-computer interaction and communication in the device or software. On the other hand, it is also the process of improving the presentation and interactivity of a website or mobile application. UI design usually refers to the graphical user interface or can be said as visual design elements, such as colours and layout.


Why are UX and UI Design important?

UX Design

1# Usability

It is important to ensure that you organise your website and its information flow correctly. Other than having a well organised, easy to use is also involved by making sure that every button and content on the website design has its purpose and highlights the most important element. Usability is how well the website works. A user friendly website can help in increasing the new users and customers.

2# Consistency

Maintaining standard navigation and interface design on the entire website allows users to find the required content easily. This will give users a sense of familiarity and control which will lead to a better experience. It is also important to maintain any current website trends that users are often familiar with. By using the processes and logic that users are normally used to, they will be able to navigate the entire user journey without assistance. 

3# Mobile Responsive

Websites also should be moving to mobile for nowadays, so that you must optimise your website into mobile device version. Ensure that the layout, images and text of your website are not discturbed when browsing on mobile. On the other hand, you have to ensure that the web loading speed is smooth which also will affect the user experience.


UI Design

1# Information Architecture

AI is about meeting the business strategy by designing the information structure of an application or site. The main function of AI is to provide users with convenience and simple navigation to help users find the information. It involves tagging, constructing and also providing the top level navigation menu.

2# Visual Design

Visual design improves the decorative value of a website by strategically implementing elements such as fonts, colours, and images. Besides, creating a consistent design will make your website more visually appealing, less frustrating and less confusing. For example, using the same colour and designs for interface items like buttons and links make it easier for people to use. Using your company’s corporate colour and font also can solidify your brand.


Overall Thought

No matter if it is a website or an application, the first thing that a user will see is its interface design, which includes its layout, content representation, colour usage, font size, font type and so on. It will be the first impression for the visitor, and they stay on your page only when your page is prominent, then only will look for other things that are meaningful. 

UI and UX design are related and also an integral part of the online brand image. Thoughtful and visually accessible, easy to access will help your company or your brand to fulfill the user experience which can increase online business and sales.

Knowing the difference, relationship and importance of UX and UI is a good matter as it can make you understand how to contribute to your audience or user’s experience. It is also because it really helps in website and also mobile app design.

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