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Your website design, till now, was a mix and match of all things nice and holy and many other web design elements. Yet you feel it is missing that extra something in the modern web design. These web design elements are what you have used before and need to be removed in a slightly different way.

With the emergence of new technologies and user needs, modern Wen design trends have been changing. In this article, we will discuss web design elements. Take a look at some of the web design elements that you can include, exclude, or make your website always look awesome.


Here are some important elements of modern web design :

Keep it Flat and Simple

Modern website design likes to keep everything simple. Keeping things simple may be the most difficult thing. Especially when designers who are ready to show off their skills have a lot of glitz and glamour options. However, don’t forget the main reason your website attracts traffic. It is not for you to have more decoration and fantasy, but for your content. Provide viewers with what they want through a simple and easy-to-use design. In other words, make your website design as flat as possible.

Though this may sound quite a dampener after all the raving meetings, you have had discussing those web design elements: fancy 3D buttons and the glossy images, however, if you come down to earth, you will realize that these, if used, will not be of much help. Instead, consider using simple illustrations in your web design, with bright colors and simple appearance to ensure more white space, so that users can easily track the information they are looking for and complete their work.


Image Binge

The visual context in web design is one of the most important web design elements. When talking about images, a good design technique is to go all out to deal with the size of the image. Using a larger image helps to highlight the special features of the product. In addition, you can use the label to discuss in detail the advantages and functions of the product in the adjacent space.

However, it is good to keep in, mind that going overboard with image size might end up driving traffic away from your site rather than pulling it towards it. A healthy proportion should be maintained with everything else to help it create the right impact.


Font Specifics

Typography is another crucial modern web design element. Typography essentially involves the use of fonts to help express the textual aspects of your website design. Create unique typography for your website design using specific fonts. This will help to add to your brand value and users will be able to identify with your brand as soon as they see that font. With the enhanced font palette now made available to designers, choosing an appropriate font for your brand has become easier.


Scrolling Glory

Another important modern web design element is scrolling. Usability is now a prime consideration in designing good web pages. Therefore, single page design is considered to be of significant importance in helping users find information. Using hyperlinks to different parts of the same page where information is stored makes it easy for users to scroll down to that section of the page.

This serves two purposes:

  • Since it no longer needs to load multiple pages to access information, it greatly reduces page load time.
  • Users who are familiar with the layout of your website can quickly scroll down to the relevant location on the page without having to waste time waiting for the page to load to view information.

A Powerful and Beautiful Color Palette

Colours in web design are the most basic elements of web design, and we will never fall short of using colors for amazing users. But using color schemes are vital to the appearance of your modern website design. A powerful yet simple color palette will help to balance the cohesiveness among other elements of your design.

When you implement both primary and secondary colors, you are providing room for experimenting with new elements for your website, regardless of whether your experimentation is on the homepage, landing page, blog or others.

Though there is no limit to the choice of color schemes available, the number of colors that you implement in your design matters. When you decide to implement too many colors, be careful as this can be visually distracting. You might have seen how these days most modern web designs stick to just one, two or three colors, utmost.

For instance, if you check sites, such as Apple and Amazon, you would realize how they stick to a limited number of colors, with just one background color and a major accent color. When you keep the color scheme simple, it becomes easier for your user to focus on the element of importance. This brings us to the point that color is an important modern web design element, but keeping it minimal and limited will serve the purpose.


Call to Actions are Important

It is important to have a clear strategy to design important calls to action. Here, you can convert visitors into potential customers, and ultimately into your customers. This constitutes another important element of web design.

A website intends to bring you people who are interested in your products, services or shared information. When they contact you, your next step is to get them to return to you more and more. So, what do you think is a good idea for a call to action? There are many out there: but you can consider all or one of them, including email subscription forms, free product forms, invitations, free consultations, free downloadable e-books or white papers, etc.

Get these implemented within your web design, but make sure that it doesn’t look like it was purposefully fit in there. This will help you to gather the contact information of your visitors, which will help you to initiate conversations, engage your users and convert them into customers.

You can include relevant CTAs wherever possible your website – including the end of blog posts, resources page, and more.


Backend Coding

This may not be a visual element of web design, but it is an important element in website design principles. A lot of coding is done on the backend, which contributes a lot to the performance of the website. This code determines how fast your website runs, how fast it loads, and allows navigation, which will help convert visitors into potential customers and customers.


Put Your User Above Everyone

When you design, make sure it is for your users before anyone else. This is the most important element of any web design. Design it for the user, which will boost rankings. Some times, we end up doing things that might not be good for the user but good from an SEO perspective. But remember your user is the priority above all.

So make your website user-friendly before you consider anything else. This will automatically boost SEO.


Search Engine Optimization

This brings us to the next element in the web design: search engine optimization (SEO). This is always the most important aspect of a website. We have been working tirelessly to get our site on top of the search engine result pages.

Certain design strategies, including title tags, title tags, meta tags, and HTML coding, will help your website appear in Google’s search engine. Make sure to strategically design these factors and follow the necessary strategies to make the website build naturally, rather than following any other way of occupying the website.


Web Design has evolved over the years. Perceptions and interpretations of what is deemed to be a good design have also undergone a huge overhauling. The onus is now on you to realize that change and implement it in your design.

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