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What is Website Hosting?

What is Website Hosting?

What type of website do you have? A personal website for blogging and photo sharing, or a commercial website to help grow the company or sell products?

If you have a website, you need to make sure to choose a hosting company that suits your needs. At the end of this short category, I hope to answer any questions you have about hosting.


Choosing a hosting company is like choosing a neighbor to live in. You want to be in a safe and convenient location with your neighbors. In website terms, you want the host to be safe and fast, and to provide you with personal support. These are the three major functions that I believe everyone should understand.


Keeping your website safe will help you fall asleep better at night. Continuing the community analogy, having a safe hosting environment is similar to living in a safe community. I don’t know you, but I don’t want to move to an area where there are an average of 5 intrusions a week! Worrying in your mind that someone will get your personal belongings can be stressful. The same situation can be applied to the Internet. There are many ways to put a website at risk-your hosting security practices are (if not the most important) consideration.

Put your website in the hands of someone that will watch over your personal information and make sure no harm will come to your files. In terms of security, the more secure the website, the more expensive the hosting environment is usually. Take WordPress as an example. It is an amazing CMS (content management tool), but its complexity and market share make it a great target for hackers.

Our own hosting settings ensure that the wordpress website is always up-to-date, always in a backup state, and every plugin will be scanned and kept up to date (hackers can use other methods to invade). From a security perspective, you will definitely get what you need to pay, and in general, cleaning up a hacked website or restoring files may cost more than using a website hosting service that provides these security practices in advance.



It is safe to say that people prefer to live near the resources they use every day. You don’t want to commute to and from get off work three hours a day, you need this kind of traffic as soon as possible. If someone lands on your website and waits too long to load, they will leave and find what they are searching for elsewhere.

The web is similar. The faster something takes to load – the more likely your visitors will stay, contact, and EVEN find you! Consider this:

Not to mention, if the loading speed is faster, Google will rank your site higher; if the loading speed is slower, the ranking will be lower. Therefore, website speed is a triple blow to marketing. Visitors will have bad taste for your company and brand. If you don’t load fast, you will abandon your website and may never get there because you are not ranked.

We feel a combination of fast servers, the correct use of CDNs, great coding, and ongoing testing – all a normal part of our process help give our clients the edge over their competition and can’t be ignored in today’s digital marketing landscape.



Many communities have homeowners’ associations or property managers to help make life easier. They can help you with house repairs and maintenance work. Knowing that someone is just making a phone call or sending an email to solve any problems you have is a relief. This is the same method that your Internet home uses. If anything stops working or you want to make some improvements, please know that you have a strong support team that can help you rest assured.

Surprisingly most businesses we speak to don’t realize that hosting companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, and a bevy of others provide support when it comes to hosting – but won’t assist or even touch your website. On a very technical level this makes sense. You wouldn’t ask the person that sold you the plot of land your home sits on to help you with a plumbing issue – but from an outsiders perspective it’s all very technical. Working with a company that has the resources to assist both with the technical hosting aspects, as well as the software coding, and design updates – can help make your experience better.


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